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Welcome to Causey Family Chiropractic!


Dr. Zachary Causey – Myrtle Beach Chiropractor


Thank you for visiting our website! I am Dr. Zachary Causey and I’m pleased to introduce you to Causey Family Chiropractic!

For over 16 years now, I have been providing chiropractic services to the Grand Strand. Many of you have heard of me or may be familiar with my type of practice.


I am not the kind of chiropractor that makes you fit inside the box. Here, at Causey Family Chiropractic, we strive to provide excellent patient care that is catered just toward you! Whether you are seeking wellness care or acute care, we can help! Always remember that every person is unique to their condition and every condition is unique to that person.


We are compassionate about true health and are committed to helping people achieve this. We rate your progress on function, which means your going to be able to see and feel improvement!


Are you seeking optimal wellness care?


We are firm believers that the body can heal itself. It just needs the opportunity! Give your body the chance that it deserves!


Are you having pain that just won’t go away?


Pain is just a symptom! Pain can help us determine the problem. Let Dr. Causey locate the problem and stop covering it up with drugs that have all sorts of side effects!


Have you been to other chiropractors or medical doctors that couldn’t help you?


Don’t settle for less! Let us take a look at your records and do an extensive examine! It is your life. Put it back in your hands without drugs and without interference!


For your convenience, we accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Medicare.


Call our Myrtle Beach chiropractic office to set up a free consultation today!